Most people own at least two different belts. Adding a belt to your outfit is not only functional, but stylish as well. A belt can perform many functions. You would be mistaken if you thought there was no other purpose for a belt than to keep your pants around your waist. Belt buckles, in particular, say quite a bit about the person you are. If you have come to this article because you need to buy a new belt, you have definitely come to the right place. When you are finished with the article, you might know quite a bit more about how to buy a belt.


Your first lesson is that wearing a big belt buckle is not appropriate for all situations. This means that your boss' wedding might not be the best place to debut your giant Las Vegas belt buckle. If you want to make sure you do not offend your host, stick with a plain metal belt buckle. For other occasions, a large, themed belt buckle is sure to be a conversation starter. Once again though, if the event is very formal, you want to keep your outfit elegant.


The vast majority of belts in the world are neutral in color. It is true that women are sometimes allowed to wear different colored belts, but men do not have this luxury in most cases. Even a neutral color like brown can be frowned upon at very formal affairs. So before you decide to wear your old comfort belt, it is a good idea to consider your other options.


If you need to buy a new outfit for a special event, you should take your intended belt with you. This will allow you to see how well the belt coordinates with a set of clothes. Don't fall into the trap of believing that black matches everything, because there are several different tones of black that you need to think about. Because black is such a vibrant color, it is especially obvious when you wear two varying shades of it. Another reason to bring your click belt buckle with you is that you can see hold well it fits into the belt loops on the pants.



Picking a belt can be tricky. And new belt styles come along frequently, like the men's ratchet belt, for example. Men are particularly attracted to the ratchet belt because it allows them to set a precise size, which is more comfortable and reliable. People who have a frequently fluctuating waste size find this feature especially useful. Men are also fond of the sleek, stylish design of these belts. You never have to worry about being too big or too small for these belts. To learn more about belts, check out